Our classes are programmed to allow you to learn skills and be educated.
There is no hiding or half hearted efforts.

Semi – Private Sessions

Lower Body Strength
Incorporating barbell strength work, core and flexibility. Think squatting, deadlifting, lunging and all round lower body strength building. There will also be a flexibility component such as pancake or pike work.
Upper Body Strength
A combination of pushing and pulling strength work, using free weights and bodyweight. Designed to give you complete control of your movement.
Engine Room
The studio lights go down so this is all about grunt work. Interval training across key cardio based machines.
The Works
If you missed a session throughout the week, this packed hour includes them all – Free weights, movement and cardio.
This recovery and maintenance class is designed to target all areas of the body and educate you on how to continue your practice injury free.

Skill Classes

This is a female only class designed to kick some ass. We HIIT it hard as you unleash your primal instinct in ways you’ve never done before. The person next to you will have your back, get you through the tough times and make you a better person. The class finishes off by reconnecting with your body through sequences influenced by yoga.
Everything else stops in the studio so the focus is just on yoga. This should be treated as a compulsory element of training.
Principles Of Movement
Stripping things back to basics and learning the foundations of movement. Connect with your body whilst learning push and pull bodyweight movements like the press up, chin up, pull up and more.
Gymnastic Strength
Focusing on developing your bodyweight strength through the use of rings, parallettes, ropes and more. Develop bullet-proof shoulders and rock solid core strength
Hand Balance
If you want to start hand balancing or make progress with your handstand then this is for you. No experience necessary as we will share knowledge for all levels.This class includes a detailed warm up. It is highly recommended that you attend each week to gain full understanding from fingertips to toes.